The Kroc Center is giving out $2,024 in gift cards to members, employees, and community members who share a video of #YourKrocStory.

How you can enter:

Grab your phone or other device, and record a video that explains some way the Kroc Center has influenced your life in a positive way. Some ideas include:

  • Why you became a member of the Kroc
  • Your favorite Kroc classes or activities
  • A memory you have made with family or friends at the Kroc
  • A goal you have achieved through a Kroc program
  • The impact you see the Kroc having in the community

There’s no specific requirement for style or length of your video – make it as simple or complex as you want.

Just send us your video via direct message to the GR Kroc Center Facebook or Instagram account to enter by March 15 (deadline extended). You can also email a video file to: That’s also the best way to contact us if you have questions about the contest.

Our Kroc Krew will vote on the best member submissions, and the winners will each receive a share of the $2,024 prize applied to their Kroc Center account as credit to use on membership, programs, day passes, or anything else.

The Fine Print

Prize breakdown: Eight (8) public winners to receive $184 each; Three (3) employee winners to receive $184 each. Total prize amount: $2,024.

If there are not enough submissions deemed suitable for use in either category, prizes may be combined. Public prizes will be in the form of Kroc Center account credit, applied to the primary user on the account of the person submitting the video. Employee prizes will be in the form of prepaid cards (i.e. Visa gift cards). Prizes do not expire but are non transferable.

A suitable video must have clear picture and sound, along with content that is deemed appropriate and in keeping with the mission of The Salvation Army. Recommended length is one minute or less. Videos created at the Kroc Center must follow facility guidelines (i.e. do not include persons who do not consent to being recorded).

Public videos will be voted on by Kroc Center employees; employee videos will be submitted to representatives of another Salvation Army unit for judging. The Senior Kroc Officer retains final discretion regarding the suitability of all entries and prize winners.

All video submissions, whether awarded a prize or not, become the property of The Salvation Army with no expectation of compensation for the creator beyond the scope of this contest. The Salvation Army reserves the right to edit, compile, and/or republish videos in any format and medium.